Unleash Your Enthusiasm

For this week’s individual apprenticeship pattern, I chose Unleash Your Enthusiasm. This pattern talks about how to handle the enthusiasm you have for work. As a software developer, you will most likely work as part of a team. Most teams are not as passionate or overly enthusiastic about technologies anymore. Most of them are focused on delivering the next project and trying to improve aspects of the development life cycle that are causing them hindrances. That is why sometimes, unleashing your enthusiasm can get people rolling their eyes on you. Some teams are particularly not welcoming of newcomers. You should be careful when unleashing your enthusiasm. It is best to observe the team first.

I found it interesting that unleashing your enthusiasm is in the pattern. I was never really an enthusiastic person, I am more on the analyze first before I do anything side when it comes to enthusiasm. I am actually envious of enthusiastic people since they just speak their minds out and seem to not care what would happen. I always thought that being an enthusiastic person was really great but after reading this pattern it makes sense that you should be careful when unleashing your enthusiasm. Some people do not want to get bothered while working and can get easily annoyed by people asking them questions all the time. But there are also the opposites who loves hearing questions and giving you advice on what to do.

This pattern has caused me to think about ways to approach different people in the team. I think most teams have a diversity of behaviors and some would be welcoming than the other. I think that trying to get the feel for your team before you unleash your enthusiasm would be the best solution to this problem.

I totally agree with this pattern. I think it is good to know that not everybody is willing to listen to you and that you should approach the team carefully. I think you should still be enthusiastic, just be mindful of others. This pattern would definitely help anyone, not just software developers in their life.


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