The Deep End

For this week’s blog, I am going to be talking about The Deep End pattern from the Apprenticeship Pattern book. The Deep End was about taking that big step in your career. Grow your skills, your confidence, and your portfolio. Challenging yourself with bigger projects. This may involve new tasks, new teams, and new places.

The book suggests that you dive into the deep end. Waiting for opportunities until you’re ready will only set you back and be stuck doing mediocre work. So, if offered a high-profile role, take it. Growth only happens when you do something. But of course, there are risks involved in taking on bigger projects or high-profile roles. If you get it wrong, instead of growing, you might shrink. It might destroy your career as a software developer. But the risk is also the only thing that can help you grow, so take the risk with caution. They also suggest that you list down all the projects that you have done. What is the biggest successful project you have worked on, and the biggest codebase you have built on your own. After writing them down, use them as metrics to measure if you are going to be ready to take on a bigger project with more responsibility.

I found this pattern very interesting. Not because it is something new but it is something that I can relate to. I am usually the kid in the back of the room. I usually only do what is expected from us and do the minimal thing to pass or get a good grade. Whenever there is group work, I almost never volunteer to be the leader. I do not like having to bear that responsibility. I am scared that I would do something wrong and let down the team. Scared that I would not be able to do my role as a leader. Now, I am trying to change that. I am trying to get more involved when it comes to team projects. I am now trying to lead everyone when they do not know what to do. I try to make a decision that everyone can agree to. This pattern did not really change the way I work, but it reminds me that I still need to improve with being a leader.


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